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The Evolution of the Accurasee Drawing Tools

G. Bjorn Thorkelson is the creator of the Accurasee Measurement System, the Proportional Divider, the Sketch Caddie as well as various iphone apps for artists. One idea lead to another and soon he found himself fully engaged in doing stuff he never imagined.  Getting business licenses, making websites and estores is certainly not what he anticipated.  The ideas behind the various Accurasee tools started while Bjorn was fulfilling his masters degree at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, he stumbled upon an idea that helped him tremendously in his drawing.  This was an online program, and as such, it was necessary for him to take digital images of his final paintings and turn them in alongside the images used as reference.  As he prepared these images in Photoshop to turn in, he was stunned to see the drawing inaccuracies that were very evident when he looked at these images side by side. "I'd been a professional illustrator and fine artist for over 20 years, so it was humbling to say the least," recalls Bjorn. "It wasn't that I couldn't get by at this skill level...but I new I could do better...much better."  It was then that he committed himself to learning how to draw more accurately.

Over the next year and a half, he experimented with various drawing techniques and read every drawing book he could get a hold of. Through study, practice and trial and error, he developed a drawing system which can help even the most experienced artist to dramatically improve his/her drawing skills. "I didn't really "invent" anything, "These tools are based drawing techniques and concepts that have been around for centuries and are commonly taught in art schools today. What I've done is simply taken these drawing techniques and refined them to make them much more accurate and easy to use."

"I believe that by using the accurasee drawing system as well as the proportional divider and the many other tools at every artists disposal, we can all learn to draw more accurately not only in the short term, but over the long term as well. It's not about cheating your way to success.  It's about checking yourself consistantly and never just assuming you know everything.  Make a stroke and check it.  Over time you'll learn what your weaknesses are and make huge inroads into your growth as a representational artist."

~G Bjorn Thorkelson



About Bjorn

A native of Southern California, Bjorn lives with is wife Connie and their four boys, T’Jae, Braden, Shawn, and Riley in his Southeastern Idaho studio/home. Art has been his passion since early childhood and he cannot remember wanting to do anything else. His early “crayon studies” of kindergarten took on more importance as he realized that he wanted to be an artist. “I’ve always loved to draw,” he says, “it’s as simple as that.  Painting is merely an extension of that desire.” 

After graduating from Art Center College of Design with honors, he pursued illustration as a practical means of providing for a young family and preparing to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a painter.  In his illustration pursuits, he achieved both financial and critical success, but never felt the satisfaction he desired.  “ I always knew what I wanted to do,” he says.  “At some point, I just had to go for it, and paint for myself.”  So, after 12 years as a full time illustrator, he has entered the fine art gallery market.  Bjorn adds, “I look at my years as an illustrator as a period of intense learning and preparation.   Over 15 years of illustration, I learned how to draw and paint and I acquired the skills necessary to create art. I'm now able to enter the galleries with a more mature vision of who I am and what I want to communicate.  I’m passionate about what I do. I wake up everyday with a new hope of creating something special or learning something new.”  Over the past several years, Bjorn has won awards associated with the prestigious Raymar Art Competition, The Oil Paintiers of America and many other shows.  He's currently represented by the Wilcox Gallery in Jackson Hole WY.  Click here to see some of his work at


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