1. Click on Affiliate link  
1. affiliate
  2. Fill in email and password info  
2. affiliate
  3. Check your email for activation code  
  4. locate E-Junkie email  
3. affiliate
  5. Right click and scroll to copy  
4. affiliate
  6. Right click in box and select paste  
6. affiliate
  7. Success! Now you just need to enter business or leave blank. Enter Paypal email. If you don't have one go to's easy.  
7. affiliate
  8. Now click on affiliate admin.  
8. affiliate
  9. Click on Get Affiliate Code  
9. affiliate
  10.Click Get Affiliate Code  
10. affiliate
  11. If you're going to include in a web page, you can select the entire link. In this case I'm only selecting the link itself.  
11. affiliate
  12. Now we'll set up an email that will link to your personal accurasee landing page. Type out your message. The more personal the better. If you really want people to check this out, your own personal testimonial will do wonders.  
12. affiliate
  13. Now select text that you'd like to link to your accurasee landing page. Then press the link icon.  
13. affiliate
  14. Now right click in box to paste your accurasee link from step 11.  
14. affiliate
  15. Now press OK  
15. affiliate
  16. Now press send and the email is on its way.  
16. affiliate

17. When the email recipient receives email and presses on link, they'll be directed to your landing page. You'll be able to tell because it will say "indexoutside" instead of "index" of my regulare home page. That's it. If the user comes back to purchase anytime in the next 6 months, you'll receive a 25% comission on anything he or she purchases.

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