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Is there anything more frustrating than finishing your drawing or painting only to realize that your proportions are way off? Don't waste your time rendering the perfect head only to find that it's way too big for the body.

We've all been there:) The truth is, sometimes we become so attached to a drawing or painting that we stop seeing objectively. It's not until a few hours later or maybe the next day that we notice the serious flaws. Well, AccuDraw can help anyone address those concerns with a foolproof method for checking your proportions as you go. No more guessing...AccuDraw will help you measure the correct proportions...find the key landmarks and ensure that your next piece is right on!






Are you ever in too much of a hurry to get started painting that you forget to design your canvas or analyze your subject matter? Or maybe you just lose your concentration for a bit and your proportions get a bit out of whack. We end up having to backtrack...scrapeout hours of hard work or repaint large portions of the painting to "pull it out of the fire.". Or even worse...we rationalize and say..."oh, that's good enough."

I always recommend that artists "take time to save time." Take a few minutes to work out your composition before you put it down on the working surface. Use AccuView to iron out the kinks in design, make sure that the subject matter is drawn accurately, flesh out the values and find your key area of interest. Let AccuView help you put together your game plan and avoid the frustration of repainting or settling for less!





Now use your Acccurasee drawing tools to help you get the right proportions from you digital photos.

Put your measurement card and accumount aside and put the rest of the drawing tools to use. transfer key landmarks to your drawing surface and your off!


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